Things just kept getting busier! The first of the little ones went to school, the boys started Auskick (afl for little kiddies) and the girls all got into physical culture (physie) with me.

It was appointment after appointment, daycare runs, school runs, coffee/play dates. 

This is also the year we got our first official diagnosis. ADHD. It was a new world we were entering.

We also went through a FASD clinic with the youngest 2 and found out our baby has a chromosome duplication.

So much new information and a new world. The next few years would be full off constant research! 

We also started talking to our case manager about adoption. Things were looking good!

Nathan was away a lot this year but we managed. It was a crazy beautiful but crazy crazy ride we were on.

Watching these 6 beautiful kids grow was a blessing. Don’t get me wrong it was hard and pure chaos but we are definatly blessed to be here!!

We ended this crazy year with a family holiday to Victoria and alot of our southern family got to meet them all ♥️♥️

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Published by thegoodthebadandus

I am Lisa, I'm 34 years old and after a really long journey trying to conceive we stumbled across foster care and adoption. I am now the proud adoptive mum to 6 beautiful kids. 2 girls and 4 boys!

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