Special needs

Shout out to all the special needs families out there! Gosh it’s a hard road!!

I bet so many people don’t realise that Tourette’s can be a symptom of a bigger picture and that so many diagnosis can overlap each other!

It may have been a rough week (I know it was one full of stress and tears here) but things will look up and things will get easier!

Have courage and be kind ♥️♥️

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Published by thegoodthebadandus

I am Lisa, I'm 34 years old and after a really long journey trying to conceive we stumbled across foster care and adoption. I am now the proud adoptive mum to 6 beautiful kids. 2 girls and 4 boys!

3 thoughts on “Special needs

  1. Bravo mum, your doing a great job even on them difficult days. we have tourettes, autism ,anxiety,
    depression amongst other issues that coexist in our house hold. so i get this post a lot which did you find the hardest in the diagnosis process?

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    1. I find the mental health diagnosis and attachment disorders hardest. I grew up with an older sister who is disabled but mental health is a whole new world for me. We recently got PTSD, anxiety, depression and attachment disorders added to our already daunting list. How about you? What do you find hardest?


      1. I found the tourettes diagnosis the hardest to get for my daughter , which is funny because it was her verbal tics that caused her the most exclusion’s which made her anxiety worse to point of multiple panic attacks, which then made the tics worse. it can be over whelming for families to really get a grasp on multiple diagnosis, The whole diagnosis can be very isolating I found it difficult. we are still learning more about all the the diagnosis now. We don’t have any mental health support at all. since the medication stopped.
        in fact after diagnosis we didn’t see anyone. on that side, we have had some medical appointments to deal with hypermobility and but that is it. even though diagnosis can sign post help i found just writing helps me as a mum keeps me calmer so i am better able to manage everyones elses anxiety


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