2010- ivf egg collection


It was time. Egg collection here we come…….

We were in the waiting room….

I was so nervous!

For this procedure they used sedation. It worked different on everyone. Other people in the waiting room had done this several times before and some remember the whole thing.
This terrified me.
I did not want to remember. They lady before me and myself were both close to hysterical tears we were so scared.

When my name was called I laid in the bed and had tears rolling down my face.

Next minute I was awake with no 16 written on my hand.

The lady I had been waiting with was still hysterical the sedation didn’t work for her. She was screaming and only had a 6 on her hand. The number reflected how many eggs were retrieved.

Thirsty, I was so thirsty. I want my husband. What did I need to do to get out of here? Eat? Drink? I forced myself to eat and drink as much as possible (And not puke) so I could go back to hubby.

16 eggs… what did that mean..

After I was released from day surgery we had to go back to the clinic.

They explained that not all eggs fertilize and if we have left over ones to freeze they don’t always survive the defrost.

For now we were to go home and wait for updates on the embryo and when it’s ready they will call us back in.

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Published by thegoodthebadandus

I am Lisa, I'm 34 years old and after a really long journey trying to conceive we stumbled across foster care and adoption. I am now the proud adoptive mum to 6 beautiful kids. 2 girls and 4 boys!

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