It was a hard few months. With the stress of “if you want to have a pregnancy you need to do it now or it might never happen” hanging over my head it became all about counting days, tracking cycles, do this at this time, do that at that time. Life became all consuming about getting pregnant. Months and months and months of trying with zero results. Aunt flo kept coming to visit even though I prayed she wouldn’t. Every time she visited I got more and more emotional and my heart broke more and more. The dream was becoming the nightmare. Pills after pills. Appointments after appointments. Working full time and trying to keep that smile on my face so no one else would know what I was going through. Easier to smile then answer the questions that came otherwise. Why can’t I do what a woman is supposed to do? What is wrong with me? Will people still love me if I can’t have a baby? My husband was nothing but supportive and even though I knew he was in it for the long haul I couldn’t help but wonder what the future would bring.

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Published by thegoodthebadandus

I am Lisa, I'm 34 years old and after a really long journey trying to conceive we stumbled across foster care and adoption. I am now the proud adoptive mum to 6 beautiful kids. 2 girls and 4 boys!

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