Darwin was where our love bloomed. Life was hard but great at the same time. He was away a lot for work, I worked at a small perfume shop with very little staff. It was the era before Facebook groups and I just couldn’t find a lot of friends. Though I loved my perfume shop girls dearly. I missed my friends and family in Sydney, I was sick of constantly sweating and let’s not get started on cyclones and crocodiles! He proposed on 17th June 2007 on Darwin Wharf and of course I said yes. I started having a lot of medical issues, cramps, a lot of bleeding, extreme pain, fatigue, pretty much just felt sick all the time but life went on. It was very hard to find good Drs in Darwin! I spent a few nights in the hospital but it was over crowded and I ended up just getting sent home still unwell. Time went by and wedding planning kept me busy. My girls from Sydney came to visit and before we knew it we were on the road to get hitched in Sydney. Excited to see everyone and expecting to be in Darwin a few more years.

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Published by thegoodthebadandus

I am Lisa, I'm 34 years old and after a really long journey trying to conceive we stumbled across foster care and adoption. I am now the proud adoptive mum to 6 beautiful kids. 2 girls and 4 boys!

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